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hand-crafted wood bats

Create your own history.


Get the most durable bat in vintage baseball customized down to the smallest details. 

The bat in your hands should feel just like squaring up a ball in the sweet spot; absolutely perfect. There is no need to sacrifice your comfort at the plate with anything less.

We can make the perfect bat to fit your swing with custom lengths, weights, knobs, tapers, and balance points.

Birch is the games best kept secret. With flex like Ash and a hard hitting surface like Maple, Birch is the perfect blend of old and new.  The ball jumps off the bat like Ash but features a harder hitting surface that ensures your barrel will stand up to years of heavy use. In fact, Birch actually gets harder the more you hit with it.

If there is one thing we know for certain, it's that baseball will return. Be ready when it does.

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The Players Choice...

"Who will make any bat to your exact specifications with the best wood out there. I currently have two Who Bats and after years they still are holding up fantastic. Who Bats are always a piece of art with a touch of personalization in every piece!" - Teddy Gogola

"This is the most perfect weighted bat I've ever held. The attention to detail is just amazing. In 12 years of playing this wonderful game I have never come across another bat like it. I purchased the bat with stars and stripes and would recomend Who Bats for your next bat. Well done, Huzzah!!" - Brian Holdren

"I very much recommend. I always brag to my friends outside of the Nankin BBC that I have a nicer bat. Looking to buy another for next season." - Jim Nicholson


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