Why Birch?

Swinging Birch feels like a perfect blend of Ash and Maple. It makes the most durable wood bat. It has flex which allows the ball to jump off the bat. It strengthens over time unlike Ash and Maple. We find our Birch bats to have as much pop as ever even after multiple years of heavy game/practice use. Birch is a great choice for veteran hitters and even those swinging wood for the first time.

What is a high density bat?

A high density bat simply means that a denser, heavier wood billet is used to turn the bat. The heavier the billet, the denser the wood. 

A slightly (and I mean slightly) smaller barrel does not effect the sweet spot or hitting zone of the bat. But less barrel allows a denser billet to be used and maximizes the force applied from bat to ball. You can feel it from the moment you grip the bat. And that is what it's all about. 

Split vs Sawn Billets

There are two methods to produce wood billets for bats; split and sawn. When wood is split, it follows the natural grain of the wood which ensures straight tangential grain. This strengthens the wood and significantly reduces the risk of slope of grain failure, which is one of the most common reasons for bat failure.

 Sawn billets are more economical but do not produce straight grained billets at nearly the rate of splitting. Because of the lack of straight grain, the structural integrity of the wood is compromised. This makes a weaker bat which is more prone to violent fractures and breaks. In comparison, bats made from split billets are more likely to splinter opposed to fracturing, which reduces the chance of injury for everybody on the field. 

Split billets are the superior option when it comes to performance, durability, and safety. 


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How can I join a vintage baseball team?

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