"Thank you Rob for a great looking and constructive bat"
Bobby T.
"Some of the best quality Birch I've ever swung. The sound and feel off the bat is a thing of beauty." 

Ryan G.

"Who! Does a wonder with his craftsmanship and the bats are of great quality! Had mine for the whole season. If you're looking for a bat look no further than Who Bats." 

Dalton L.

"Absolutely THE BEST guy to go to for any custom bat that you are looking for. Custom bats, custom designs, and absolutely amazing results. I had an idea for an American Flag bat and Who Bats had this gem ready for Memorial Day!" 

Ryan J.

"Who Bats are the most gangsterest bats I've ever gazed upon!" 


"Can't beat a custom piece with amazing customer service." 

Evette J.

"This is the most perfect weighted bat I've ever held. The attention to detail is just amazing. In 12 years of playing this wonderful game I have never come across another bat like it. I purchased the bat with stars and stripes and would recommend Who Bats for your next bat. Well done, Huzzah!" - 

Brian H.

"Great lumber! I had Who make me a custom Maple Bat and it’s held up through quite a bit. Saw over 250+ in game ABs last season on top of practices, batting practice and allowing others to use it. Can’t wait to bust it out this spring!" 

 Mike F.

"Who Bats is my new go to custom bat company. Who will make any bat to your exact specifications with the best wood out there. I currently have two Who Bats and after years they still are holding up fantastic. Who Bats are always a piece of art with a touch of personalization in every piece!"

Trevor G.

"I have a bat that Who made and it awesome. A very high quality bat. I can't wait to use it during the season."

Thomas C.