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We specialize in Birch and for good reason. It make the best bat in baseball. But first let's look at the two woods that dominate the industry.

Why Ash? Some hitters prefer the whip of an Ash bat and speak to the trampoline effect when they barrel one up. But after frequent use over prolonged periods, an otherwise strong and structurally sound bat can begin to flake and peel away at the grains to the point it is no longer usable. So the strength of Ash is underutilized.

Why Maple? It is a hard wood and has great pop. However it is a naturally heavy wood and has to be over-dried in order to make a usable weight. The result is a stiff bat with very little give. It’s prone to violent fractures and breaks. It’s costly in more ways than one.

Now if only there was a wood species that took the best attributes of both Ash and Maple without any of the downside.

Great news...

Birch has flex – just like Ash- and produces the same whip effect. What we hear from players who have converted over recently is how the ball jumps off the bat. But it is a closed grain wood like Maple so you don’t have to worry about the barrel flaking and giving out prematurely.

But it doesn’t just hold up- it gets stronger over time. While it’s most noticeable in the first few cage sessions, it continues to harden and become stronger after more than a year of heavy use. This strength, combined with its flex, allows for a very natural hitting surface that provides great feedback to the hitter. For this reason it is a great choice for veteran players all the way down to players swinging wood for the first time.

Hitters have often mentioned Ash and Maple bats going “dead” and losing pop over time. This is not something we have seen with Birch bats even after thousands of swings.

We find that Birch checks all the boxes when it comes to a making a superior bat and that’s why we hunt down the highest quality Birch billets to turn our bats from. These bats stand the test of time.

We always recommend them to hitters who haven’t found something they like yet. Our customers do too.

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